United, we are strong.

WIN House has one purpose: to give victims the hope and help they need to overcome gender-based abuse.

We’re here when you need us most. We always have been and we always will be.

Throughout Edmonton and area for over five decades, we’ve given women and children of all ages and cultures a safe place to flee. From passionate professionals and volunteers to dedicated donors and champions of the cause, WIN House is committed to providing safety, support, relief, and resources for abuse victims.

Client Programs:

24-hour Helpline

Thousands of women and children rely on the WIN House Helpline each year.

Crisis Intervention

From frontline response services and emergency shelter to emotional support and support groups, we’re here when clients need us most.

Child Support

Thousands of women and children rely on the WIN House Helpline each year.

Pet Program

Clients can focus on their journey knowing their pets are taken care of through the Alberta SPCA’s Pet Safekeeping program.

Intensive Case Counselling Program

Some cases benefit more from one-on-one work in the community rather than admission to our shelter. This is what our Intensive Case Counsellors do best.

Outreach & Planning

Our Outreach Workers provide emotional and practical support to clients both in-shelter and after departure. They help victims rebuild through court support, referrals to community resources, and assistance with joining/attending group meetings.

Community Programs:

Donation Program

We appreciate all offers of donations. However, due to COVID–19, we are currently only able to accept new in-kind donations. We will put out a call for secondhand items when it is safe for us to do so. If you would like to help financially, the WIN House COVID-19 Relief Fund has been set up to help us offset the cost of purchasing items for clients in care.

WIN House COVID-19 Relief Fund

Volunteer Programs

Volunteers are an instrumental part of our organization, helping out in the office and at events. In the 2015-2016 fiscal year, volunteers contributed nearly 900 hours to WIN House.

Public Education Program

A powerful way we make an impact is through education. Our free presentation is available for everyone, no matter the group size (please contact to book in advance).