Stats from the 2019-2020 Fiscal Year

Crisis Helpline

  • 3,396 calls were made to the WIN House Helpline
  • 2,870 were requests for shelter
    • 2,304 has asked for admission but we could not accommodate them due to lack of capacity
    • 43 had asked for admission but did not meet the priority levels established by the program and were directed to other community resources

WIN House 1 & 2 – Emergency Shelters

  • Admissions
  • 323 women
  • 423 children
  • 67% of clients had children upon admission
  • 66% of clients had at least one child
  • 58% of children accessed childcare
  • 54 women utilized the services of the Outreach Program

WIN House 3 – Interim Shelter for immigrant, refugee, and human trafficked women and children

  • 9 women and 10 children resided throughout the year
  • 1 woman utilized the services of the Outreach Program

Most prevalent types of abuse reported:

  • 67% reported emotional, psychological, and/or verbal abuse  
  • 56% reported physical abuse
  • 47% reported financial abuse

In-kind Donations

  • 185 families were able to access the WIN House clothing room to help outfit themselves and t heir children
  • 115 families found new housing to move to and were given a household package of in-kind goods to start over