A huge WIN House THANK YOU to wonderful group including, but not limited to Cathy Roozen, Tracey Martin Woywitka, Heather Hudson, Juriscorp Law Office, Melora Jones, Beth Allard-Clough, Ian Holmes, Karen Kokotilo and Julie Weeks who got together and donated 8 large boxes of brand new items for the tweens, teens and moms staying in our shelters. For the youth, they gave hats, mitts, games, jewelry, AXE products, PJ’s, Barbie dolls, board games, clothing, drumsticks, makeup, hoodies, gift cards and so much more!

For the women who are able to find safe housing after leaving our shelters, they also gave a load of household goods including pots, pans, kettles, toaster, sheets, air mattresses and other basic necessities to start over in an abuse-free home.

From the staff, clients and their tweens and teens…thank you for your love!