Domestic abuse can happen to anyone, anywhere, regardless of economic status, education level, religion, age… there are no rules. And contrary to popular belief, domestic abuse isn’t a “woman’s issue”: it’s a human rights issue.

The need for protection from domestic abuse is growing, especially in Alberta. Our province has seen a 2% increase in family violence since 2014 and now ranks 3rd highest in Canada in intimate partner violence. These are not the kind of stats we want for our women and children, so for those who need it, WIN House is here to help.

Since 1968 WIN House has been Edmonton’s largest and oldest emergency shelter for women and their children fleeing an abusive domestic environment. For almost 50 years, we have provided security, warm meals, and comfortable beds to thousands of families in need.

Last year alone, we housed over 700 women and children who showed up day and night, from all walks of life, with usually only the clichéd“ clothes on their backs”. And whatever their reason, whatever their experience, they all came with the same glimmer of hope – to find some relief from the trauma of living with abuse at the hands of a loved one.

In addition to providing a safe haven for those escaping domestic abuse, Win House provides childcare, offers counselling services, fosters the family pet during transition, arranges for medical, dental, and mental health care, provides continued education for kids while in shelter, assists in the search for housing, and so much more.

And while we expect to be here for the next 50 years, we still need the help of Edmontonians to keep things going, because the need for shelters like WIN House isn’t going away soon enough.

The reality is that domestic abuse has no stereotypes. It can affect any one of us; your neighbour; your sister; your friend; or even yourself. We need your support so we can continue to be here for those who need us, whenever they need us, regardless of the season.

So, please donate to WIN House today and help us build a brighter and safer future in our community. Donate today and together, we can change and save lives.