Let me introduce you to Jane. Jane is a young woman just like any woman around us. She could be a teacher, student, stay-at-home mom, lawyer, doctor, manager, or an entrepreneur. Yes, she could be a saviour to many others – to you or me – but has become helpless to a personal issue in her life.

Domestic violence has no face. Its victims can be anyone in our lives. You see, Jane is strong for everyone but because she does not want them to see the crack in her life, she wears a mask to cover the turmoil in her life.

“I have to be strong for all of them because if I fall, they will all fall with me and there will be no one to pick us all up. So I have to endure it. I can take his abuse. It was just a slap 2 months back. Even though I currently have 2 broken ribs, a nose bleed and partial deafness in my right ear, he has promised to work on his temper.

It is not really his fault. If only I can learn how to love him perfectly, exactly the way he wants, it will all stop. He loves me. I remember how happy we were when we got married. Wait! Did he promise to kill me if I ever leave him? Did he? I can’t tell now. Am I going insane? Ok, I remember now, but he didn’t really mean it. I have not died yet. He doesn’t hurt me that much. It’s nothing I can’t take. I just have to be strong for everyone; my team at work and my kids. My kids, Adam & Sam, are so scared. Are they becoming more quiet than usual? I will tell them bedtime stories – they seem to love it. It makes them look like they used to before it all started.

He says it is the devil and I believe him. I will help him work on getting rid of the devil so we’d have our lives back. I want my family back and I have to be strong for him. I have to be strong for my kids.

I have to be stro…..” – Jane

Jane is strong, but we have to be stronger for her by helping her to understand how unhealthy and violently unstable her situation is. When she decides she needs our help, we will all be ready to help her. You, WIN House, and everyone Jane has been strong for all these years will throw their weight behind her when she needs us the most. Jane needs our help. Many families are currently going through similar situations and we hope to reach and help them. With your help, we will be able to.

Help us help Jane. We know Canada’s issue with domestic violence is a big one, and a widespread one at that. The statistics are shocking, especially this one: on average, one woman is killed every week by a current or former partner. One woman a week! That’s 52 too many, every single year.
Your voice is the most important tool in helping yourself or someone else. If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, there is help. Our team is available 24/7 to talk confidentially with anyone experiencing domestic violence and who are seeking information, support, and resources. Help can be found by calling 780-479-0058.