According to Miriam Webster, the definition of the word DUAL is something “consisting of two parts or elements : having two like parts”. To WIN House, the word DUAL means partnership, collaboration, teamwork, alliance, and the commitment to come together for a purpose beyond ourselves.

For the 50th anniversary year of WIN House in Edmonton, we have come together with some amazing benefactors of our organization in support of the women and children who flee from domestic abuse and find shelter with us.

Not only have we found partners to stand with us as an in-kind sponsor for our annual Win FORE WIN Women’s Golf Tournament that we held last June but each have also chosen to be part of our Under the Umbrella Gala November 3rd in support of the five decades we have been here for women in need.

Our DUAL partnerships consist of Hillberg & Berk, Prairie Barnwood, and Selkirk Signs and each bring with them their own special way to honour the victims of abuse.

A longtime partner with WIN House, Selkirk Signs have always been just a phone call away to provide us with all the print needed at our events to ensure our guests and sponsors are appreciated and acknowledged. Without their DUAL Sponsorships, we would have to pay the cost of this event necessity at the expense of our profits. Instead, with their assistance, we can always put that otherwise spent money to better use – like funding our programs and serviced.

Over the past couple of years, Hillberg & Berk has consistently provided our events with their beautiful ‘sparkle’ jewelry. Whether it is a super auction item valued over $1,000, individual gift certificates given to our guests for their amazing products, or dressing our Executive Director and event guests with their Sparkle Balls, Hillberg & Berk always delivers on their promise to provide us with the tools we need to raise funds and create awareness. And, to celebrate our anniversary, we were also fortunate enough to have Hillberg & Berk design a one-of-a- kind “Under the Umbrella” bracelet for us to sell with proceeds going to the programs and services our shelters offer daily.

Our newest partner, Prairie Barnwood, has supported our events both with absolutely gorgeous, high-end furniture to auction off and their undying devotion to the care and well-being of victims of abuse. Renee and her brother Matt run their business and create their products as they do their hearts – with thought, time, and a lot of love. Their generosity knows no bounds and their dedication to WIN House is unfaltering. They truly understand and care about create awareness and ending domestic violence one piece of wood at a time.

DUAL partnerships at WIN House are not just for the 50th anniversary or for our two major events. The relationships we establish through sponsorship, collaboration, connections and volunteering are ones that last. We believe that in working together, as a community and as a team, we can provide the benefits that are mutually shared and help each other lend credibly both ways. We “consist as two parts” that come together for the single purpose of being part of the hope and solution to end domestic violence once and for all. Thank you!

Linda Kelly
Fund Development Manager