She couldn’t believe her eyes as she stood in the naked hallways.

Three children in tow, each hauling what little they had remaining. She had no idea where he was. He didn’t call all summer since he first sent her and the kids away for summer vacation. Things were too good to be true but for once, she thought she could believe it was true. He didn’t even show up at the airport to get her and the kids. At first she thought that something bad must have happened to him. She would be clueless to the world if she was ever allowed to be a part of it and that’s why she could never leave. Her gut twisted at the thought. The last day they had spoken things had been better than they had been in a longer time. Nothing more than a note left on the empty floor of their house with an over flowing mailbox of eviction notices and overdue payments. So where did all the money go? She thought. Obviously it did not go towards bills. There was no way that she could have ever known this was coming. She was never allowed to ask about his money so she always assumed the bills were paid. He would usually give her fifty dollars for what she absolutely needed every month, and now she spent her last fifty dollars on the cab ride home. Fifty dollars a month went a long way for her, she had to make it, or else the children would starve. She picked up the note left upright in the empty living room. She held the note to her nose as she squinted to make out the scribble. She could recognize blur symbols for what words they were as she never had glasses since he smacked them off her face in front of the children.

This relationship was done before it even started. – Jay

That was all it took, in eight words she was left absolutely alone and responsible for three children. She didn’t know where to go, what to do, and where they would get their next meal. With her head hung low she led her children to the police station in hopes of finding guidance. She was redirected to the shelter where she had high hopes of beginning her own life. And so she did…