Seasons Greeting!

As I look around this holiday season I am comforted by all this year has encompassed. WIN House has hit so many successful milestones, and we could not have done it without the help of the many people I would like to thank.

To our Edmonton Women’s Emergency Shelter Ltd Board of Directors, community partners, and donors – 2017 has proven to be great beyond our expectations. We are pleased to report continued financial stability for our shelters; your steadfast support ensures that our doors remain open. Thank you.

Our Volunteers play an integral role in our year’s successes. We are ever grateful for your time and compassion to our initiatives; namely in donations management and in fundraising or events. Special thanks and holiday wishes to each of you and your families, for your participation in helping WIN House fulfill our core purpose and values.

Finally, Happy Holidays to our strong and resilient team of front line and support personnel, all of whom are fully committed to wellness and training opportunities, culminating into an enhancement of client supports. They embrace the epitome of working towards domestic violence prevention. To all the WIN House staff, my sincerest thank you.

WIN House exists to support the safety and security of women and children fleeing domestic violence.

In honour of the healing path of survivors of domestic violence, as well as in remorse and condolence to loved ones of those who did not survive, I wish all families a safe and hopeful holiday season on behalf of WIN House. You remain, always, our priority focus and are in our thoughts and hearts.
May 2018 continue to bring a measure of hope that the goal of preventing domestic violence in our community is reachable. We can act. We can support. We will continue to save lives. Together, with friends of WIN House, for all of us, and our children’s children.

Tess Gordey, MSW
Executive Director
WIN House