From its humble beginnings 50 years ago, through struggle and triumph over the years, WIN House has remained true to its founding mission – to further non-violent relationships and environments for women with or without children. In my short time as Executive Director with WIN House, one thing that stands out above and beyond all else is PASSION. Each person I have met cares deeply and genuinely for the women and children we serve and for our cause. I am honored to be in such a committed community.

We could not continue our work without the support of our donors, investors, contractors,
government allies, clients, providers, volunteers, staff, and board. For that, I would like to say thank you for your years of support and dedication to WIN House. As we move forward together, we need the support of our community now more than ever through donations, volunteering, and feedback. WIN House remains a part of our community – the community that gave birth to us a half-century ago. In everything we do, we believe that “I can”, “you can” and together “we can” end domestic

I look forward to our future of serving this community and celebrating our 50th anniversary
together. I want our organization to represent compassion, respect, and value at all times while we strive to ensure we have an open and positive environment for our supporters, clients, and friends.

Here’s to our future together,


Tess Gordey, MSW
Executive Director
WIN House