Happy Spring and Summer to you from all of us at WIN House!

We wish you a safe, fun and fruitful season. While demand for services in our sheltering sector continues to frequently exceed our capacity, we are forever grateful, and give deep heartfelt thanks, for all of you in our community who go the extra mile to support the work we do. Many of you have aided in providing basic needs and practical supports to the residents of WIN House. Your generosity has made a life-changing difference for numerous women with children we’ve seen who fled from abuse, fear and a great deal of hardship. In some of these situations, you literally helped save their lives.

The past quarter has been an active one at our shelter, with much focus on danger assessment and leadership training, a successful Win FORE WIN Golf Tournament, and facility maintenance and enhancement projects. We are also in the midst of piloting an in-house trauma-informed children’s program. Feedback to date, from both trainees and service recipients alike, is that this
sustainability initiative demonstrates much promise, and that best practices resulting from it will integrate well into our existing children’s program, leading to even better outcomes for the families we serve. Participation in early intervention child programs is likely to increase children’s
resiliency and reduce the likelihood of continued intergenerational cycle of violence continuing. There is much excitement for the positive potential of this change at WIN House.

Soon to come – we are solidifying plans to engage you and other stakeholders in celebrating 50 years of WIN House community services. Keep an eye open for details in the upcoming few months when we launch our 50th anniversary activities, including a Gala celebration (Under the Umbrella) on November 3rd, during family violence prevention month. Do save the date as we look forward to seeing you there!

Thank you to all of our Board of Directors, as well as each and every member of the WIN House staffing team, for all of your individual contributions to increasing the physical, emotional, and psychological safety of the women and children we serve. Your collective support is critical to our operations in our larger community and each of you are to be commended for your community service. Enjoy your summer!

Tess Gordey, MSW
Executive Director
WIN House