Everyone in our community has a role to play in the prevention of domestic violence. Survivors, supporters, community members, businesses and organizations are all stakeholders in building safer communities and furthering non-violent futures for women and children being abused.

On behalf of WIN House, and the families we serve, I wish to thank the many and varied stakeholders who participated with us and provided crucial feedback both before and during our recent rebranding process. Fortunate to receive marketing specific donations and gifted branding services, the branding process we embarked upon was both economical and extremely valuable! Within our updated brand, I am happy to report we are confident that we were able to capture our essential history, positive reputation and the array of services we are able to provide. More important, we are hopeful we now have adequate tools to connect with you and other stakeholders in a meaningful way.

Future bound, I look forward to new connections, rekindling old ones and together, reaching out and helping more families in need. Thanks for your continued support.

Tess Gordey, MSW, RSW

Executive Director
WIN House