Did you know that as a supporter of WIN House you are literally changing lives? And in many cases – saving lives. Just one person can alter another’s world completely. Which means your donations and support are absolutely fundamental to our work. Whether it’s a large gift from your business, a fundraising event you organized and inspired others to support, or the donation you make consistently to WIN House every year, you are making a difference.

The reality is that beyond the doors of our buildings that provide safety and the support systems in place through our compassionate staff are the lives and stories of real people.”

“A woman and her 2 children who ran the first moment it was safe after her husband left the house in a rage and violently threatened to harm them all when he returned. She knew he had access to weapons. She called the Helpline.

“Every dollar she made had to be given to her boyfriend, she had no access to their accounts and didn’t dare try to find out what they had. If they needed groceries he complained they ate too much and barely gave her enough for one meal a day for each of the kids. The children couldn’t focus in school, they were so hungry. A teacher took notice.

“A woman who spent months isolated in the home, sometimes locked in a room. She was never allowed to leave unless he went with her. She felt alone and had no idea how to break free. One day when he was at work a neighbour took a chance and asked her if she was ok.

Your support helps make the turning point in every person’s story happen.

At the core of all giving is compassion and love and the more you give the more it grows. We give because we are truly making a difference. We give because we believe as a community that it’s our responsibility to support those who need us the most. Because at any moment you never know when you or someone you know and love may need a helping hand. When domestic abuse is present, it affects us all. By giving we are raising up our voices and saying we will no longer tolerate abuse in our society.

This holiday season we encourage you to take action and give in any way you can. With donors like you supporting our cause we can change and save lives. We see it every day. We see women truly breathe for possibly the first time in months. Hope returns to their lives and we see them look ahead to a future without abuse. We see children smile when given a new pair of winter boots and a winter coat because they had to leave theirs behind in a rush to leave for safety. Big or small, every positive action makes a difference in the lives of abuse victims.

Join us to make a donation this holiday season and provide a safe place and support for women and children. Click here to donate.