In this program partners work together to break down the barriers for women and children trying to enter shelter. To know that a family won’t come in because they may leave behind a pet that could be brutalized breaks our hearts. So by partnering with the Alberta SPCA it was a natural fit! Tim Battle, Director of Education reached out to us after the “Inside the Cruelty Connection” report was released. And a collaboration of several animal & human service agencies were brought to the table for a fantastic Alberta wide initiative (Alberta Alliance for the Safety of Animals & People).

After many discussions on how to keep their pets, we were on to the safety aspects and the complexity of the process. We needed to ensure all shelters could call for this program and the details and delivery would keep the pet just as secure as the woman who brought it in. We didn’t have it down to an exact science but we had an amazing number of animal services willing to help make this initiative happen.

In the 2 years that it has been running, we have helped more than 100 animals and their owners flee abuse. AASAP coordinates with organizations around Alberta and will assist both women & men in need. We are very proud to work alongside our shelter and animal service colleagues to provide this service to those using our shelter, and to breakdown another barrier from finding safety.