They were so happy or so everyone thought.

She was a graduate from one of the finest schools in Alberta embarking on a successful career path. He was on the rise within the military, so smart, and beautiful. They were a perfect couple on the outside who seemingly had everything together. However, behind closed doors she feared the moment he’d return from work. No longer allowed to work and ashamed of her bruises, she tried to protect their children, but not even she could protect herself from his wrath. Over the years she too blamed herself for the abuse. She begun to wonder if she’d ever see the day her children graduate because every time it seemed to get worse. As she lay up in bed covered in bruises she submitted again to another day as long as there was food on the table, there was no out at this point she thought. Isolated and abandoned, he was all she and the kids had. Until the day they came to her door with an order to obtain her babies. She felt with all she had suffered, it was so unfair to lose what was the only reason for her existence. She called him in tears, but he didn’t care because now he had more money to himself. Losing their children was a reward. Without hesitance she left with nothing in hand and arrived at the address the Social Worker had provided. This was the last straw and her new start. After 15 years of pain and violent abuse to both herself and her children, she began to taste freedom. Every day at the shelter was another step in the right direction. She never returned. She went to work and continued were she had left off. Her children returned to her new home. He never sent a birthday car, never a phone call since that day, but she was okay with that because she and her babies were safe.