It was only a cat, speckled in color but its purr was soothing and she knew it would make the kids so happy. Hopefully he doesn’t get mad, but she didn’t spend a dime so it might be okay. Even if he got mad she was willing to endure the pain to finally give something to her children. She couldn’t remember the last time she presented her children with a gift but, today she would go home with this kitten with a bright green ribbon tied to it so perfectly. This would eventually be a day which the children would never forget.

Over the years she still felt the happiness of that day and held the memory dear. The children clung to the cat more than anything else these days. He didn’t like the cat at all and she knew that but not ever knowing the seriousness of his dislike for such an innocent creature. He would begin to threaten all of them by throwing Tabby out the door. Tabby always came back. He would frighten her and the children by poking and prodding Tabby in an aggressive manor. Tabby became a weapon of hurt against her and the children. She never expected coming home from work and finding Tabby motionless squeezed between her children’s arms, covered in tears. Tabby was gone, and he was pleased. The children never forgot Tabby and the act of kindness their mother made that day. This was a day which the children would never forget.