Since 1968, WIN House has worked tirelessly to support and empower women and children fleeing gender-based abuse in the Edmonton area. We’re here when they need us most, providing a safe place to stay, along with the resources they need to overcome gender-based violence.

We look forward to a day when WIN House will no longer be needed in the community. Until then, it’s our responsibility to help survivors and educate the public about what they can do to prevent and end gender-based abuse.

Your generous support allows us to do this work. Because of you, we can make victims victorious.

As we’ve surpassed our 50th anniversary, we want to share the powerful stories of women and children who have come to WIN House to escape fear, violence, and shame, as well as reclaiming their lives, thanks to the help they received.

To protect the privacy and safety of survivors, names and identifying details have been changed and models have been used for print advertising.