I wish to thank the faculty, staff, and students in the Department of Sociology for supporting me with the annual gift card campaign for WIN House. The gift cards will bring comfort to the clients leaving the emergency shelters. Your support allows families to live without the threat of violence from an abusive relationship. The gift cards are always a wonderful gift for families to receive and for many, it helps with basic necessities. A gift card allows families to purchase belongings they were forced to leave behind after fleeing violent homes. Most of all a gift card helps support families as they rebuild their lives. In 2018 the gift card campaign raised $2,255.00. The women and children will take a gift card with them when they leave the shelter. Know that your kindness and generosity is GREATLY appreciated! The website (www.winhouse.org/giftcards) will be updated for the 2019 year and to allow for online donations to be received at any time. Plus, with an online donation, donors will receive a charitable tax receipt immediately for the value of the gift card. Please continue to encourage your network of friends and family to visit the website to learn more about the annual gift card campaign. #gclocal #wedidit #abfvpm #thankyou #giftcard #fleeingabuse #familyviolence #30daystoWIN #icanact

Head over to winhouse.org/giftcards and find out how you can support the annual gift card campaign.