Win for Good social media April 2 01

With donations coming in different shapes and sizes, non-profits seek to find the proper use for the item. Sometimes, the donation serves little purpose to the non-profit and costs money to responsibly recycle or dispose the items.
Organizations like WIN House accept donations to provide women and children supplies that they may not otherwise be able to get. Although WIN house receives a large quantity of donations -more than they are able to store- many of these donations are not exactly what they need.
Today, Goodwill Industries of Alberta and WIN house are announcing in partnership: the WIN for GOOD project.

Through this project WIN House will donate overflow donations once a month to Goodwill Industries of Alberta and in return WIN House will receive a Goodwill gift card to purchase exactly what the women and children need.


Leslie Allen, Executive Director for WIN house is excited to announce this partnership and to spread good vibes in and around the community by working with Goodwill.
“Together, we can offer choice to the individuals we support by
allowing them to purchase what they want in their size.”

She continues, “We appreciate how supportive of our donors have been and understand our decision to move in this direction – we hope they will continue to support our Champions with their generosity.”

Dale Monaghan, President and CEO for Goodwill Industries of Alberta is proud and excited for the future of this partnership.
“We are excited to get the right items into the hands for people at WIN House. These will be, items they can use, while raising money for Goodwill’s mission for helping people with disabilities.”

“This is a Win-Win proposition”.

With the help of both organization’s amazing donors, this partnership is able to further support people with disabilities to find meaningful employment and provide essentials to women and children seeking relief.
This partnership highlights how deeply these two organizations care not only for the individuals they serve but the community at large.

Please note we will only be accepting gently used clothes and housewares at this time.