I often didn’t want to consider myself a ‘feminist’; I thought it was too radical, I thought it was a group of sorts. But I’ve been educated and I’ve grown and come to realize that a feminist doesn’t have to be female at all.

In Canada, we’ve come a long way. I think, for myself, that for the most part things are good – right? I feel blessed though I know there is always room for improvement. When considering the fact that we need to celebrate a day for women, it makes one pause.

Yes, there could be equality; there could be a confidence, a simple bliss to just be who I am. But there is contentment when I consider the alternative to my ‘sisters’ around the world.

In some countries, women have no say in regards to their female genitalia, which are mutilated at the age of puberty. In other countries, women are used as sexual beings and have no other job than to produce offspring. There are countries in which gossip and a simple look could get me killed, where my clothing could have me stoned to death. I work with women who have fled these countries only to find themselves still vulnerable.

So yes, I’m a feminist. I want equal rights – not just for me, but for these women, for the many that our organization helps, for single moms trying to raise a family, for the young boys and girls out there in a tumultuous world, I want to say I helped.

We all can. So I ask that you ACT….Give of yourself to lift another up.

So consider me a woman, a human rights advocate, I am a proud feminist!

– D